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Feb 5, 2008

An Apron Giveaway

Calling all apron lovers! The Apronista is hosting a Giveaway that features some well crafted and eye-pleasing aprons from Carolyn's Kitchen. You will be directed to click over to Carolyn's site and choose your personal favorite!

Deanna, half of the Apronista dynamic duo, has showcased a yummy red apron with white polka dots and a heart-shaped bodice; a perfect selection for Valentine's Day! I cozied up to a sweet little aqua and white polka dot apron with black and white stripes.

When you arrive at Carolyn's site, click on the photo of the 3 pictured aprons. To enter the Giveaway, click HERE.

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Mary Isabella said...

Hey there thanks so much for the links. Hugs...Mary

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

THanks for the links! I shall go over and visit.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the apron contest. Unfortunately, the comment "button" has been disconnected by blogger.
Thanks also for visiting OWOH giveaway at