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Jan 14, 2009

Wander-ful Wednesday!

Today is Wander-ful Wednesday and I am wandering. I have been paging through the sweet comments on my blog and returning for much overdue visits. If you haven't seen me yet, look for me.

"The impossible is often the untried."
-Jim Goodwin


justabeachkat said...

Looking forwward to hearing from you.'s cold here!


KJ said...

It's not cold here... We are having heat waves! I'm not happy about heat in winter unless it's indoors.


Joyce said...

Funny.......I've been so behind on looking at blogs too. But I will catch up one day. I have been missing writing and hearing back from people as well.

Okay so I'm off to bed early tonight to finish up book #2 in a Scottish Christian/Fiction series I am in .......and will be taking a "cuppa" along with me and a piece of a local favorite this time of year....."KING CAKE" with me.
It's cold here..43 right now...but going into the 20's tonight.
I'm going to get in my warm bed now. HA!
See ya!

Becky K. said...

IT was great to see you at Hospitality Lane. I left a response to your comment there.

Your cup of tea reminds me that I have decided to drink more tea this year...especially green tea.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It is so cold here. It is only 16 with wind chills -5 It is suppose to be only 8 tonight with wind chills below 0...Stay warm...m.

Anonymous said...

A day like this should be considered a luxury. I hope you enjoyed.

Beverly said...

Oops! That last one was me.

Shell said...

I love your quote. Thanks for wandering over to my blog. Come back again soon.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

silly girl

Tea Time and Roses said...

A Big Hello to you Karen! Have fun visiting!:o)



NeereAnDear said...

Checking on you.... cant keep up sometimes ... you have some definite blog energy!




Sandy said...

Trying to get back in the swings of things and visiting my favorite blogs. Happy belated New Year!
Hope to be a better bloggin friend in 2009!

mommy2gabby said...

I was just wandering to your blog as I haven't visited in awhile!

I wish we were having a heat wave her in the PNW. I am just craving the warm weather. I will have to wait until Spring to make a trek to Newport Beach.

Hope you enjoy and treasure all of the excitement of your daughter's wedding. I sure it must be difficult when you know she is out of the nest and ready to start her own.


Connie W said...

Sending you some warm wishes. :)

Anne said...

Love the photo here! :-)

And thanks for stopping by my blog during OWOH!