Mar 2, 2010

Tea for Tuesday

Today's SoCal clouds cast against a brilliant blue sky — a novelty — have my thoughts turning to romance.  Below is a vintage Valentine to partner with the theme of this post, followed by a very romantic quote and a tea suggestion.
"And what is a kiss, specifically?  A pledge properly sealed, a promise seasoned to taste, a vow stamped with the immediacy of a lip, a rosy circle drawn around the verb 'to love,' the pulse rising from the heart to utter its name on a lover's lip: 'Forever'."
-Edmond Rostand, French Playwirght and Poet (1868-1918)

TEA SUGGESTION: Try Harney and Son's "Jane's Garden Tea" for an elegant cup of floral and jasmine.  It is a delightful blend of Bancha green tea and rosebuds!  This tea is a tribute to Jane Lloyd who battled breast cancer.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Stopping in to say hi. Blessings...m..

Ruth Welter said...

Hi KJ...I know I've told you before that I love Harney & Sons Tea...I'm about to have a cup now actually. My favorite is the Vanilla Black loose tea. I have not tried Jane's tea although I've seen it in their online sounds really delicious.


Joyce said... dear friend it is nearly St. Patrick's Day now. Time for an update. HA!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

My tea arrived and it smells heavenly. Thanks so much....hugs..m..